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The Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus $15.00

Pastor David has found that a proper understanding of the Blood of Jesus is necessary to operate powerfully in the Gifts of the Spirit. David has seen many lives change through this powerful teaching on CD.


Angels $20.00

This 2 CD set teaches how to have Angels began to operate in your life right away. David and Nolia share many first person accounts of Angel Manifestations

Manifested Healing

Manifested Healing $15.00

This powerful Healing CD ushers the hearer into great revelation of Healing. Pastor David and his wife, Nolia, have seen many thousands of healing and instant miracles.

Created World

Created World $15.00

This CD takes you "behind the scenes" on why there is great power in speaking the Word. You will learn how to call things that be not as though they are and transfer from the unseen substance realm to the natural seen realm. CD

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