Miracles of Today





David and Nolia have a special gift to pray for barren wombs and see Jesus open them.  The lady in this picture was prayed for in Cambodia.  This little boy, who she named David after David, is evidence of this miracle.  When the photo was taken she had baby number two in her womb.  David and Nolia have seen the majority of those who were prayed for in person healed.  According to Deuteronomy 28, barreness can be a curse but we know that Jesus came to break every curse.  Couples in the United States and in Asia have been healed under the ministry of David and Nolia.

In Cambodia a pastor and his wife heard about the miracle ministry of David and Nolia.  They had a son earlier in their marriage but after many years of trying she could not get pregnant again.  The traveled by car a very long distance to meet David on the beach in southern Cambodia where we were praying for healings and baptizing people. They said that they wanted another child, their requested a girl. We prayed and this photo, though a little blurry, is evidence of the miracle daughter. Pastor Sam and his wife have become very dear friends of and have had David and Nolia preach many times at their church.  David and Nolia have also traveled in the mountains of Cambodia with Pastor Sam.

David and Nolia were teaching in Vietnam about how God opens barren wombs when a women who is a Medical Doctor walked into the room.  She told them how she had been checked and told she would never be able to have a child.  After hearing the doctor's report and explained that God's report is different.  David and Nolia prayed for her, since then has has experienced two pregnancies and now has two beautiful girls.  God still opens the barren wombs and increases sperm count today.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.




This lady is a pastor's daughter in Cambodia who had tried to have child for many years.  David prayed for her on several occasions.  This is the evidence of the healing of her barren womb.  Praise the Lord for this little girl.  Jesus still heals today. 


This couple in the Philippines report that the wife conceived four weeks after David prayed for her barren womb.  This little girl is alive because of great faith in God.

This lady was blind and was totally healed in Cambodia when David prayed for her.
This girl was born with her right breast bone deformed. It protuded 5|dq| out. As I prayed it was instantly healed.
This Pastor in Cambodia had a stroke and could not lift his left arm until Jesus healed him.
This lady walked with her back hunched up until David prayed. She then stood up straight.
Boy born with one leg 5|dq| shorter than the other. Healed.
This man had been crippled for 20 years after working with pestiside. His arms also shook violently and his wife had to spoon feed him. Jesus healed him when David prayed for him. After service he walked home on his own. Glory to God.
Man healed of crippled knee. When we testified we found out that his blind right eye was opened.
This ladies back was healed instantly.
Elderly lady healed totally of deafness
Boy born dumb healed.
This boy and another boy were born without testicles. Three hours after I prayed both boys were normal. Praise God for creative miracles today.
This lady was dying of huge cancers on both sides of her neck. She was told to cancel her upcoming marriage and prepare to die. We had another report from Jesus. She was healed, got married and this is her baby girl. Praise God.
Many Goiters disappeared in this meeting on a pineapple plantation in the Philippines.
Had tumor in nose that blew out after prayer.
This lady was legally blind and Jesus healed her when David prayed.
David praying for miracles in Cambodia.
Dennis Smith, from Ohio, came with David to Cambodia and Vietnam. Dennis worked powerfully in miracles.
David and Nolia prayed for the barren womb of the mother of this now 7 year old girl. Praie the Lord.
This lady had a demon cast out by David over one year ago. It was good to see her serving the Lord.
This Lady had a stroke and could not lift her left arm until Jesus healed her instantly when David prayed.